Terms and Conditions

I agree to become a member of The Ultimate Fanatic Experience “Chanticleer” Fan Club (“UFEC Fan club”). I wish to make it known that I support the Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers. With this membership, I pledge to support Coastal Carolina Athletics events through packages offered from The Ultimate Fanatic Experience, LLC to attend away sporting events.

I recognize that membership dues shall be paid in full prior to participation in any member events, and any monies paid toward dues yearly are non-refundable. On the occasion that dues are not paid in full before membership events, the funds will be credited towards the next years dues, no refund will be given. I understand that membership dues will vary from year to year with potential to increase as they are used to accommodate Club events and Supporting Coastal Carolina University.

I am committed to ensuring that my actions as well as the actions of any guest of mine attending the Ultimate Fanatic Experience Club events shall adhere to this membership agreement. I recognize that Ultimate Fanatic Experience club is not responsible for the actions of members during membership events.

As a member of The Ultimate Fanatic Experience I understand that traveling to member events in support of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers is a large portion of the club’s experience. I accept all insurance and liability protection provided by The Ultimate Fanatic Experience club. I will provide all personal information as needed for traveling to membership events. I pledge to govern myself and any guests attending member events with me per established guidelines.

I acknowledge that the Ultimate Fanatic Experience may terminate my membership at any time should I not abide by the terms laid out for membership.

By reading these terms and conditions, you also accept the information from our Privacy Policy as well.

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